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We pride ourselves on having an unusually broad machining capabilities. Spex matches the best machining processes to achieve the quality and cost economies across a range of production requirements. Our capabilities include:

Precision Machining Services

Precision machining uses advanced computer-controlled equipment to manufacture parts and components that require precise measurements. Different types of CNC (computer numerical control) machines can cut and form plastic and metal parts with very tight tolerances and high repeatability.

Precision CNC machining maintains much tighter tolerance standards, meaning more complex part designs can be machined with a lower tolerance for error. This is needed for certain parts used in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries, where tiny fractions of an inch matter.

We offer a wide range of precision CNC machining services, including:

  • Precision turning, contour turning, form turning, counter turning
  • Internal & external threading
  • Broaching, gear broaching
  • Drilling, boring, & milling
  • Tapping, knurling, & reaming

High Volume Machining Services

High volume machining uses the unique capabilities of semi-automated manufacturing equipment to produce large quantities of parts and components. Depending on the part design, a single machine can produce thousands of parts every day.

Spex has a screw machine shop that focuses more on large quantities of parts, ranging from a few thousand to millions.

We offer a wide range of high volume machining services, and use:

  • Multi-Spindle screw machines
  • Swiss screw machines
  • Davenport machines
  • CNC lathes

Supply Chain Management Services

Our team has been efficiently managing our customer’s supply chain since our founding in 1946. We have decades of experience ensuring our customers receive the parts they need on time. 

While Spex is a manufacturer, we’re involved in more than just the manufacturing step of the supply chain. We have decades of experience helping our customers optimize their supply chain management. We understand the complexities and many moving parts in your supply chain, and we’re able to help keep your business on the right track. 

We offer:

  • Unlimited manufacturing
  • Secondary machining processes
  • Inventory and supply management

Materials we use

Spex Precision Machine Technologies manufactures virtually any part to your design and specifications—in a broad range of materials.

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