Success Through Service

Spex - Success Through Service
Spex Precision Machine Technologies is unrivaled in the world of precision machining and works to deliver the best quality, value, and service at the most competitive cost while driving continuous improvement in our operation. We measure our success by our customer’s success. Our ability to assist some of the very best OEM’s to achieve higher inventory turns is all based on our results: 98.6% on-time delivery and PPM’s below 10. What’s more, you’ll find us to be unusually un-supplier-like in the way we approach your business knowing our strength lies in connecting supply chain management to lean inventory management. We thrive on building and maintaining successful relationships with our customers through a complete understanding of all your requirements. In fact, Spex can handle more machining processes out of more materials than just about anyone else in the industry. Teamwork, integrity and trust leads to success through service.