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Our team has been efficiently managing our customer’s supply chain since our founding in 1946. We have decades of experience ensuring our customers receive the parts they need on time. 

While Spex is a manufacturer, we’re involved in more than just the manufacturing step of the supply chain. We have decades of experience helping our customers optimize their supply chain management. We understand the complexities and many moving parts in your supply chain, and we’re able to help keep your business on the right track. 

Unlimited volume and capacity

Spex can partner with your business at any level. We work with local businesses here in Rochester, NY. And we ship parts worldwide. Whether you need a few prototypes, 500 machined parts, or 1 million parts. Our manufacturing systems give you access to a limitless manufacturing partner and competitive rates that won’t slow you down or limit your growth.

Spex has the capabilities and experience to offer our customers unlimited part capacity. We’re able to deliver your order on-time no matter how large your order is.

Our team will also help you track and manage your orders so you receive your parts at the ideal time.

We offer a broader scope of manufacturing services

Spex has spent many years building connections with other manufacturing partners.

This gives us easy access to a wider range of manufacturing capabilities. If your project requires something we don’t have in our facility, we have trusted partners that can help. Our partnerships save you time and money. We have access to better pricing and you don’t need to spend time shopping around for the services you need.

Inventory and supply management

The two goals of inventory management are to improve and maintain customer satisfaction and cash flow. 

Inventory management can involve a lot of moving parts. When it’s not done properly, businesses can struggle with cash flow, and their customers don’t have a good experience. Good inventory management is important in every business

Spex can help you build a robust inventory management system and consistently supply your parts at optimal costs and delivery at reduced inventory levels.

Reach out to our team to learn more about our supply chain management services and get a quote for your next project. 

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