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Advantages of High Precision Machining

Advantages of High Precision Machining

Precision machining is a subtractive manufacturing method that’s used to make parts with specific measurements. Precision machining has been used for decades, but recent technology advancements make it even more efficient and valuable. 

There are tons of precision machined parts in consumer goods, and industrial equipment. These industries rely on high levels of precision and have a low tolerance for errors. Modern machining technology enables manufacturers to provide the level of service and accuracy that’s needed. 

Here are 5 advantages of high-precision machining. 

Increased efficiency

Precision machining is a highly efficient process. Oftentimes, a CNC machine is used to make precision metal parts. CNC machines hold the raw material—usually a long bar of metal—and make various cuts to form the part. CNC machines can repeat the process over and over again without human intervention. 

This makes the manufacturing process very efficient, because a person doesn’t need to be at the machine after the initial set up process. 

Multi-axis machines have multiple cutting tools that can form complex part features simultaneously. That further increases the efficiency because the machinist can essentially “set it and forget it”. Previously, the machinist would need to set up the first feature, like cutting a hole in the top of the part, then set up a secondary machining process to cut an angle on the side of the part. Cutting back on the need for secondary machining operations saves manufacturers a lot of time and reduces costs for customers.

Reduced risk

Because most of the machining process is computer automated, there is a low risk of errors. 

A human machinist is responsible for the initial set up process and quality assurance checks, but after that, it’s computerized. The CNC machines can easily maintain a ±0.0001” tolerance. 

This significantly reduces the errors made. The aerospace, automotive, and medical industries have a low tolerance for errors. If the parts aren’t machined to the exact measurements, they can’t be used. 

Relying on the CNC machining technology makes part errors almost non-existent.

Of course, nothing is 100% error free. It’s still essential for manufacturers to have regular quality assurance checks.

Part longevity

When parts and components aren’t machined with precision, there is a greater chance of system failures. When parts and components have a higher degree of precision, they can function for much longer. 

High precision machining also increases longevity because a variety of materials can be used to machine parts. Usually, the harder metals are more difficult to machine. For example, aluminum is very easy to machine, while stainless steel alloys are more difficult. But in some cases, a stainless steel part would last much longer compared to an aluminum part.

The advances in manufacturing equipment allow precision parts to be formed with a broader range of materials, while maintaining the high degree of precision.

Increased capabilities

As technology continues advancing, there’s always a desire to add functionality without increasing costs or size. In electronics, vehicles, and manufacturing equipment, engineers want to add more functions without increasing the size of the system.

Precision machining allows manufacturers to add additional part features easily. Precision machining technology has enabled the cars and airplanes today to have more features and run more efficiently without requiring additional space. 

High precision machining allows very small components to be manufactured within tight tolerances. At Spex, we use CNC machines, and multi-spindle screw machines to manufacture small, precision parts. 

And the machining capabilities keep production costs low so the increased capabilities are more attainable.

Consistent quality

One of the greatest benefits of high precision machining is sustainability. The parts being precision machined have a very high level of consistency. The same exact part can be machined over and over again with the same level of precision. 

Large quantities of precision parts can be manufactured quickly, with consistent quality. Consistently producing high-quality components increases customer confidence and increases profitability for suppliers.

Spex Precision Machining offers CNC precision machining services for many industries: automotive, industrial, aerospace, military, transportation, and more. With more than 75 years of manufacturing experience, we continue delivering the high precision that our customers need.

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