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Machined Aluminum Parts and Components

Aluminum Parts and Components

You can find machined aluminum parts in all sorts of products around you. Aluminum is one of the most versatile and most-used metals. It’s easy to machine, lightweight, and fairly durable. 

Spex uses CNC machines to manufacture high quantities of precision aluminum parts and components. We are an industry-leading machine shop and help our customers fulfill their part needs.

Benefits of aluminum

Aluminum is a widely used material worldwide and it’s incredibly versatile thanks to the excellent corrosion resistance and great strength to weight ratio. Aluminum is used in a wide variety of industries, including: Fluid and Air Handling, Measurement, Instrumentation, Appliance, Electrical, Automotive, and Aerospace.

Aluminum isn’t as strong compared to stainless steel, but it’s much lighter—about 1/3 of the weight of steel. Aluminum has a much better strength-to-weight ratio, so it’s commonly used where weight reduction is a priority. 

CNC machined aluminum parts have good corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and are lightweight, electrically conductive, and malleable. 

Aluminum bar stock is available in round, square, and hexagonal shapes, and it can be poured into a cast to form uniquely shaped parts. We can also add an additional layer of protection by anodizing the aluminum parts

Machining aluminum parts

Aluminum is often chosen for CNC machining projects. The material is one of the easiest to machine, and CNC milling or machining can form complex designs quickly. 

Parts of any shape and size can be machined from aluminum bar stock. Different CNC machines, and Swiss screw machining, can cut angles, drill holes, slots, and form any other design features. For some parts, it’s better to use a different manufacturing method, such as casting or forging the aluminum. A secondary precision machining method can be used to add additional features as needed. 

CNC machining aluminum offers tight tolerances for parts, commonly reaching a ±0.0002″ tolerance. 

Spex uses CNC machines, lathes, and Swiss screw machines to manufacture custom aluminum machined parts, including:

  • Pins
  • Inlets
  • Manifolds
  • Sleeves
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Studs
  • Fittings
  • Adapters
  • Connectors
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Ferrules
  • Stems
  • Outlets

Grades of aluminum

Like most metals, there are various grades or aluminum alloys that each have slightly different properties. Pure aluminum is too weak to be used for parts, so it’s mixed with other metals to improve its structural properties. Each aluminum alloy indicates which other metals the aluminum is mixed with. 

Popular alloys for machined aluminum parts include: 7075, 6061, 6262, 2011, and 2024. 

Aluminum 7075 is the strongest alloy. This grade is used for high stress applications where parts with higher tensile strength is needed, and commonly used in automotive and aerospace frames. 

Aluminum 6061 has a higher corrosive resistance and is popular for parts that require forming and welding. It’s commonly used in electronic components and aircraft fittings. 

Aluminum 6262 is a free machining grade aluminum. It’s similar to 6061, but slightly easier to machine, and it was first developed for automatic screw machines in the 1960s. 

Aluminum 2011 is the easiest alloy to machine. The excellent machinability makes it ideal for complex parts. It’s a great economical choice, but doesn’t have the same corrosion resistant properties. This is commonly used in electronics, computer parts, and consumer products. 

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